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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 260: Stop Talking About This

Hearing Douglas’ words, Summer was touched and patted his shoulder, "I'm fine."

During the past few days, she just stayed at home. Of course, she was fine.

Douglas smiled, "That's good. Don't worry. Leonardo will protect you."

It seemed that Douglas didn't know what Leonardo had said in the hospital that day.

Summer forced a smile.

Summer wanted to have a conversation with Leonardo, but since Douglas was here, it was not convenient to say it out.

Leonardo and Douglas sent Summer to the entrance of the hospital.

The bodyguard who brought Summer here was still waiting for her.

Leonardo instructed him with a cold face, "Send Mrs. Emerson back."

But Summer didn't move since she still had something to say.

As a keen boy, Douglas immediately got it and pointed to the hospital, "I'll go in first."

With that, he walked away.

Summer looked around and pulled Leonardo to a corner.

After confirming there was no one around, Summer got closer to him and hurried to say, "Leonardo, I saw aunt and your father sneaking into a room on New Year's Eve, but they came out soon. I think there must be a secret...."

Leonardo suddenly shook off her arm and said impatiently, "Enough!"

"Leonardo! It is true," Summer scratched her hair irritably, "you should believe me."

"You still haven't been cleared of suspicion. Why should I believe you? Besides, that's my biological aunt and father. Are you saying that they conspired to hurt grandfather and then frame up you? This is ridiculous!"

"I didn't say that." Although she meant it, she didn't say it out.

Leonardo paused but soon recovered.

He stared at Summer with a tone full of threats, "Isn't it what you want to say? As grandfather's children, will my father and aunt hurt him? Do you think I will believe it?"

"Didn't you say that the matter of your mother had something to do with the Emerson family? You...."

Leonardo stopped her. He directly bent down and picked her up. After carrying her into the car, he said emotionlessly, "Stop talking about this."

Then, he slammed the car door with a cold face.

Through the car window, Summer watched as he entered the hospital without looking back.

She sat back in frustration, clenching her fists and hammering heavily on the cushion.

It was hard to guess.

It was so hard to guess Leonardo's thoughts.

Even Douglas said that Leonardo would protect her.

However, what she wanted to know the most was Leonardo's idea.

Otherwise, she would always feel uneasy.copy right hot novel pub