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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 259: He Might Be Crippled or Paralyzed

After speaking, Leonardo took the lead to walk.

Staring at his back, Summer followed behind him absent-mindedly.

Suddenly, Leonardo stopped.

Summer was confused, but she stopped as well.

Leonardo said, "Walk nicely."

Shocked, Summer even suspected if he had an eye on the back of his head.

Leonardo raised his foot and suddenly paused. He turned around and held her hand to lead her.

Looking at the hands of them that were clasping together, Summer was surprised. A while later she came to herself and looked up at him.

His jaw-line was tight, showing a chiseled profile. But he seemed haggard indeed.

She couldn't help but ask, "You've been sleeping in the hospital these past few days?"

They happened to arrive at the elevator, and Leonardo didn't answer her indifferently until he called the elevator, "Yes."

Summer then asked, "Do you eat well?"

Leonardo only glanced at her coldly as if he was bothered.

The elevator was ready.

Summer followed Leonardo into the elevator.

Mr. Charlie lived in a VIP ward, the story of which was emptied for him to recuperate.

After walking out of the elevator, Summer saw that the corridor was filled with bodyguards. But there was no Emerson except Leonardo.

Leonardo led her to the door of Mr. Charlie's ward.

"Grandpa is inside. Just go in."

Summer opened the door and walked in.

It was her first time to visit him ever since Mr. Charlie was injured.

On the sickbed, Mr. Charlie was quietly lying there. He wore an oxygen mask and he was linked by many tubes. He was still undergoing an infusion now.

When Summer approached, she discovered that his face was as pale as paper. His eyes had sunk deeper and his face was wrinkled.

Mr. Charlie was not a kind-looking man.copy right hot novel pub