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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 254: Making Headlines

Summer stopped there and fixed her gaze on Leonardo.

His expression was terrifyingly gloomy, like a furious lion that could pounce on and attack her at any time.

Summer was both annoyed and hesitant when she said it.

She could not believe that Leonardo would be so unreasonable.

After a while, Leonardo calmed down a bit and said slowly, "Since you know you are not my rival, you should do what I tell you to do. Don't make trouble."

His tone was extremely icy. His message was clear, but the way he said it scared Summer.

Her eyes narrowed.

Before she could react, Leonardo continued, "As for the child, you'd better keep him safe." The corners of his mouth curled up into a grim smile. He turned around and left.

Summer sat on the sofa, watching Leonardo leave.

She stared at the closed door for a while before leaning back against the sofa in distress.

It had been a long day.

Summer was uncomfortable sitting on the sofa. She lay down and thought about what had happened today.

When she was half-awake in the morning, a maid woke her up, saying that Charlie asked her to come over.

Then she went to his place. But Charlie was not in his room. Hearing a loud noise, she went to the stairs and found Charlie fell down.

He was rushed to hospital and taken to the operating room. Michael interrogated the maids about what had happened.

A maid said she heard Summer's voice and went out to check. She then found Charlie had fallen down the stairs. Leonardo thought it was Michael who did it. Alisa jumped out and accused Summer as the culprit.

The reason Alisa gave was ridiculous. How could she hurt Charlie for what had happened between her and Eliza?

Any reasonable people would know it didn't make sense.

However, Leonardo believed it. He came back and questioned her.

He suspected her and asked the police to get involved when no one took action.

This was suspicious.

Leonardo seemed to target at her on purpose.


Summer knew him very well. Normally, in circumstances like this, he wouldn't blame her. He would investigate the truth, wouldn't he?

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