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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 253: The Emersons Are All Evil

Who was behind the trap?

What was his purpose?

Was he an Emerson?

If he was, how did he manage to use Charlie to lure Summer into the trap?

Why did he do it on the first day of the New Year?

Summer walked to Charlie, her mind being occupied.

The day before yesterday, she was watching TV with Charlie on the sofa. Charlie offered her and Leonardo his best wishes.

Only a day later, Charlie was in the operating room, his life in jeopardy.

Summer was distressed.

She turned around to walk out, while saying to Tim, "Let's go."

Tim followed her.

She went back to her room. Tim guarded at the door the whole night.

Summer said to Tim before she closed the door, "Thank you."

After all, Leonardo asked Tim to work on the New Year holiday.

"Mrs. Emerson, you're welcome. Mr. Emerson asked me to work for him because he trusts me. He believes I'm helpful in emergencies," Tim said with his head down, being humble.

Summer did not reply. She walked in with a faint smile.


Summer waited for Leonardo in the room. But he didn't come back.

She held her phone tight in the hand, thinking if she should call Leonardo to ask about what was going on.

Even though she believed Leonardo didn't mean it when he said those hurtful things, she winced at the idea of calling him.

She didn't want to hear his chilly voice.

When she had a miserable life in the Jarrett Family, she wasn't sad.

Now she felt distressed when Leonardo was talking to her in an icy manner.

She was spoiled by him.


There was a knock on the door.

Summer was delighted. Assuming Leonardo had returned, she hurriedly got up to open the door.

The door was pushed opened. When she saw the person, her joy turned into disappointment.

It wasn't Leonardo, but a maid who delivered her food.

Summer asked her, "Hasn't Leonardo returned yet?"

The maid only shook her head, put down the tray, and left.

While the door was open, she noticed that Tim was guarding the door along with a few bodyguards.

She opened the door again and asked, "Did Leonardo call you?"

"No.copy right hot novel pub