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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 252: A Plot to Frame Her

If she couldn't leave without permission, her personal liberty would already be infringed.

Summer did not refute.

She was worried about Charlie now.

Although Charlie had sent other women to Leonardo before, which made Summer feel unhappy, she had no grudge against him after her conversation with Charlie earlier.

Moreover, Leonardo must be very sad.

Thinking of Leonardo, Summer's expression turned cold.

The corridor was silent again.

Although Alisa wasn't satisfied with Michael's solution, she didn't dare to say anything else.

After all, Charlie was lying in the operating room and no one knew his condition. The most powerful man in the Emerson Family was Michael.

Suddenly, Leonardo said calmly, "Call the police."

His words caught everyone's attention.

Summer turned around and could only see Leonardo's handsome and perfect face. He looked down at the ground.

He looked very calm, but the cold aura emitted from his body showed his current mood.

Then, he said, "Since you suspect that it was not an accident for Grandpa to fall down the stairs. Then call the police and let the police find out the truth."

He said this to Michael.

Summer clearly saw that Michael was somewhat surprised, as if he was very surprised by Leonardo's suggestion.

This made Summer puzzled.

If Michael really suspected that Charlie falling downstairs was not an accident, calling the police should be considered a normal procedure.

Michael pondered for a moment and said, "Alright, call the police."

Michael asked someone to call the police, but because it was the first day of the New Year, the police did not come over so quickly. The police only asked them to protect the scene.

Meanwhile, Summer and the Emersons were still waiting for Charlie in the hospital.

Summer had just got up, and she came with them without having breakfast.

Now that she sat down and waited for Charlie, she was a little hungry.

However, in this situation, even if she was a little hungry, she could only endure it.

The operation that Charlie was going to undergo was expected to be very time-consuming. Summer did not know how long she would have to wait here.

Suddenly, Tim appeared in the corridor with some bodyguards.

He walked straight towards Leonardo, and when he passed Michael, he nodded slightly to greet him.

"Mr. Emerson." Tim stood in front of Leonardo.

Leonardo glanced at Summer and said to Tim, "Bring Mrs.copy right hot novel pub