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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 251: Do You Have an Alibi

The servant called the others over.

Summer was a little dumbfounded by what happened in front of her. Seeing everyone was around Charlie, Summer started to run downstairs.

"Dad! What's wrong with you, Dad?" Violet also came over.

She only took two steps down the stairs when she saw Leonardo and Michael came over in a hurry.

Leonardo looked up in her direction as if he had sensed something.

He frowned slightly as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he only glanced at her and didn't say anything.

His eyes were extremely cold.

Summer walked over and knelt on the ground, calling Charlie, "Grandpa?"

Charlie fell down from such a high staircase and lost so much blood. And he was already very old, so no one dared to touch him.

Charlie didn't have any reaction and had already fainted.

The family doctor quickly came over and bound up Charlie's wounds. He was then taken to the hospital.

The Emersons all followed to the hospital.

Before leaving, Michael turned his head to look at the servant who had first discovered Charlie and said, "You come with us."

Fortunately, the Emersons had a private hospital and Charlie could have a surgery immediately.

"We have a preliminary diagnosis of intracranial hemorrhage and multiple fractures. His condition is not optimistic. He needs an operation immediately."

The doctor's words made everyone's expression to change abruptly, and the atmosphere became intense.

The door to the operating room was closed and everyone was waiting outside.

Summer looked at Leonardo beside her. Seeing his cold expression, she reached out and held his hand.

However, Leonardo did not hold her hand as usual, nor did he look back at her.

At this moment, Michael started to inquiry in the silent corridor.

"Who discovered Mr. Charlie first?" His voice was solemn.

Summer heard this and looked over.

"It's me." A servant who had come with them answered.

The servant seemed to be afraid that Michael would blame her for this matter. Her expression was extremely pale and her voice was filled with panic.copy right hot novel pub