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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 249: They Know Who You Are

Summer was a little surprised.

She first added Eliza's name as a note, and when she saw the chat window, she found that Eliza was typing.

The next moment, a message from Eliza appeared on the screen.

"Summer, you want my help now?"

It looked like she remembered what she said earlier.

Summer did not beat around the bush. "Yes, does what you said before still count?"

"Of course."

Then, Eliza sent a message to her. "What kind of script are you writing? Send me a part of it first. I may not have time recently. I'm still working overtime. Wait for my messages. I may contact you after the Lantern Festival."

From the beginning, Summer felt that Eliza was just a spoiled young lady from a wealthy family.

But now, she realized that Eliza might not be the kind of person who had a positive outlook on life in the ordinary sense, but she had her own principle.

There is no absolute evil or kindness in this world.

A person like Eliza had her own rules of life and she could do whatever she liked. Perhaps, she was the type of person who lived the best life.

"I know. Thank you." Summer was very sincere to thank her.

"Don't thank me so early. If your script is too bad, I can only get you an unknown director."

Eliza's words were straightforward, but Summer did not feel bad at all.


"I still have work to do. I'm so busy. I'll talk to you later."

Just as Summer was about to say "goodbye", she saw that Eliza was editing a message now.

Soon, Eliza sent a message. "Are you at the Emersons' old house now? Did Alisa go home alone to celebrate the New Year?"

"What do you want to know?" Summer remembered that when Alisa and Eliza fought last time, Alisa had mentioned Bowen.

Bowen became a star when he was young, and he was a famous actor now in the entertainment industry. He worked hard. Every year, there were films of him and he was very popular.

From what Alisa said, Eliza obviously liked Bowen as well.

Summer smiled and replied, "She went home alone. Don't worry."

Eliza said, "What should I worry about? That bitch Alisa. I don't think she can get married!"

Alisa couldn't get married?

How could she not get married? After all, Alisa was good-looking and she had better family background than ordinary people did.copy right hot novel pub