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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 248: It Is Hard to Be Together for Long

Summer did not know that Karen had gone to look for her that time.

Leonardo did not mention that.

Because Summer was on the phone, she walked slowly. Originally, she was walking side by side with Leonardo, but now she had already fallen behind Leonardo.

Summer heard Karen's words and raised her head to look at Leonardo.

Leonardo found that she hadn't caught up with him, so he turned around to look at her.

Seeing her staring at him with her phone in hand, he raised his eyebrows and said, "Come here quickly."

"Summer?" Karen said on the phone, "Why aren't you talking now?"

"If you have nothing more to say, I'll hang up," Summer said coldly. She hung up the phone directly and walked to Leonardo.

Leonardo felt that something was wrong with her. He frowned but did not ask her. He held her hand and walked into the restaurant.

Summer sat down at the dining table and did not look at Leonardo. Leonardo put food in her bowl, but she did not have any reaction.

It looked as if she was completely in her own thought.

Leonardo thought about the phone call she had just got and guessed that her statement had something to do with it.

After breakfast, Summer did not return to her room.

She stood up and said to Leonardo, "I'm going to take a walk in the courtyard."

Without waiting for Leonardo's reply, she walked out.

Douglas ran over and sat down beside Leonardo. "Where is Summer going? Aren't you going with her? You two have been always together these days. I can't even find a chance to play with Summer."

Leonardo did not say anything. Douglas didn't know what he was thinking.

Douglas felt bored and was about to get up and leave when he heard Leonardo said, "Follow her and see what she is doing now. Don't let her get into trouble."

After all, Summer was not familiar with the old house, so he was still afraid that something unexpected would happen.

Douglas said subconsciously, "Why don't you go out with her? Did you have a quarrel?"

As a result, Leonardo stared at him coldly. Douglas stuck his tongue out at him and ran out.

Leonardo looked at Douglas until he ran out of the door. Then he pursed his lips and withdrew his gaze.

Summer looked at him with a complex expression and he couldn't understand her emotion at that time.

It might be better for him not to interrupt her. When she calmed down a little, she would naturally be willing to talk to him.

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