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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 247: I Am Already Satisfied

Summer was anxious, "What did Charlie say to you? Say something. I'm so eager to know."

Leonardo sat down at the bedside.

Summer stood in front of him. He had to raise his head to see Summer's face.

"He said..."

After Leonardo said these words, he stopped.

Summer waited to hear what was going on, thinking Charlie had told him something important.

Looking at Summer's earnest face, Leonardo added, "He said we should have a few more children."

He said it rather seriously.

Summer was dumbfounded for a moment, and soon realized Leonardo was joking.

She rubbed Leonardo's hair, "I'm serious. Do not kid me."

Leonardo grabbed her hand and tugged her into his embrace, "I'm serious."

As soon as he finished speaking, his lips pressed down.

Summer understood. Leonardo didn't want to tell her.

If there was anything Leonardo didn't want her to know, he would do something else to divert her attention.

He knew everything about her, but he always had secrets, secrets she didn't know.

Summer bit his lips angrily.

She did not show mercy and his lips were bleeding. The salty smell of blood spread out in his mouth.

Leonardo paused for a moment before kissing her even deeper and harder.

"Let me see..." Summer tasted the smell of blood and wanted to see how deep she bit.

But Leonardo didn't listen to her at all and kissed her violently.

The kiss was so long that her face turned red.

As she lay still, she heard him taking off his clothes.

She turned around and looked at him.

They were about to go to bed. It was time to get ready.

However, Leonardo did not put on his pajamas; he came to take off her clothes instead.copy right hot novel pub