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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 245: Sounds Like His Last Words

When Leonardo returned to his room, Summer had not woken up yet.

After smoking, his fingers still smelled cigarette.

He put his coat beside the bed, looked at Summer and went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

When he came out, he saw Summer leaning against the bed with the blanket in her arms. She had just woken up so she looked forward blankly.

"You're awake."

Leonardo walked to the bedside and sat down.

Summer frowned, "Did you smoke?"

Leonardo was at a loss for a moment. He never knew she was so sensitive to it, but he nodded and admitted, "I did."

He then added, "I only took a few puffs."

She became even more sensitive after she was pregnant.

"I thought you didn't smoke." She never saw Leonardo smoke before, so she thought naturally that Leonardo did not smoke.

Leonardo chuckled and didn't say anything.

He did not smoke very much. He was not addicted to it.

After all, smoking hurt his health. And he paid close attention to it.

However, there were too many things recently. So he could use one occasionally. But he only smoked when Summer wasn't around.

Leonardo pondered for a moment before suddenly saying, "Stay away from Adams in the future."

Although he had asked bodyguards to follow her while he was away, Summer would inevitably bump into Adams in here.

She caught a glimpse of Leonardo's coat on the bedside. She remembered it was on the sofa before she slept.

So Leonardo went out after she fell asleep.

Summer guessed, "You met him again? What did you say?"

"Nothing much." Leonardo's expression was a little cold, "What else can I say to him now?"

Summer held Leonardo's hand to comfort him and didn't say anything else.


There was nothing to do in here. Apart from having meals, Summer basically stayed in her room.

However, after dinner, Mr. Charlie asked her to watch TV with him.

Summer thought he had something to say, but they just watched TV.

Mr. Charlie liked watching crosstalk shows and operas, which Summer felt a little bored. But he was enjoying himself, so Summer had to sit with him.

Considering she was carrying a baby, Mr. Charlie urged her to go back to her room to rest after an hour.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at her for a few seconds. "Go back and have some rest. Oh, and tell Leonardo to come.copy right hot novel pub