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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 244: Fall into the Hell

Summer opened her mouth, but she did not know what to say.

Leonardo let go of her and said in a rare gentle tone, "It's time for you to take a nap."

After Summer became pregnant, she developed the habit of taking a nap. Not long, but she just rested for a while routinely.

She was a little confused, so she nodded her head and said, "Yes."

She lay on the bed and closed her eyes, thinking that she would not be able to sleep, but soon she fell asleep.

Seeing Summer fall asleep, Leonardo tucked her in and got up.

He gently closed the door behind him and walked to a jujube tree in the courtyard.

It was planted by her mother when he was very young. He didn't remember exactly how old he was that year.

It was midwinter, and the tree was bare without a leaf. There was not even a single leaf under it because servants cleaned the courtyard every day.

Footsteps came from behind.

Adams’ voice reached up to his ears. "Everyone said we were close. Well, it's just what it looks like." They were about the same height and size. Standing and facing each other, they seemed like two knights in a duel."

Adams smiled, his tone gentle as usual, "You terminated my contract only because of Summer, and you bought the trolls to slander me. What closeness did we have, huh?"

Leonardo did not even blink his eyes. "You forsook your dignity only because of Vicky. You are no better."

"You are no better."

Leonardo's words fiercely struck Adams.

His face contorted into something awful. "Why on earth do you look down on me?"

Leonardo remained expressionless and said, "I do look down on you. If you are against me, come straight at me. Don't harm a woman, especially a pregnant one."

Vicky was instigated by Adams when she drove a car towards Summer.

It was precisely because of this matter that Leonardo was thoroughly enraged.

"Oh, and about the trolls, I didn't do it. And I don't have to. Who do you think you are after you left Tip Top? You're just Adams. Who knows how others want to do with you?"

There wasn't any disdain in Leonardo's tone, but Adams could feel it in every word.

Adams clenched his fists and suppressed his anger as he said, "Uncle wants me to go to the company!"

Leonardo replied lightly, "Whatever."

After he finished speaking, he looked at the time.

Normally, Summer would sleep for 40 minutes to an hour.copy right hot novel pub