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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 243: She Has Got to Pay

Mr. Charlie said with a frown, "Let's eat first."

It had been notified early that Mr. Charlie wanted everyone to come.

Although Mr. Charlie had already retired, he was still the head of the Emerson Family and had absolute authority in the family.

Everyone respected him.

Of course, except Leonardo.

Even Mr. Charlie couldn't do anything with him.

Mr. Charlie stuck to traditions, especially the Spring Festival.

When Summer came over this morning, Mr. Charlie had already sent someone and told them that they had to stay here for a family reunion if there wasn't anything that required urgent attention.

Tomorrow was New Year's Eve, and the day after tomorrow was the first day of the lunar year.

The Emerson family was a large one. During the spring festival, many guests would pay a visit. So every Emerson would be busy.

Adams wasn't at home today, so Mr. Charlie wasn't pleased.

Summer thought maliciously how angry he would be if Mr. Charlie knew that Adams was going to pick Vicky up from prison today.

Would he be so angry that he would beat Adams up?

Only after they finished their meal did Adams hurry back.


Adams walked in from the outside in a hurry. Everyone could tell it.

After the meal, they hadn't left the table.

Mr. Charlie cast a glance at Adams and said in a deep tone, "I thought you had forgotten this meal."

He raised his eyebrows with a stony face. He sat upright in his seat, having an aura of authority.

Summer involuntarily straightened her back and sat upright. She sharply noticed that Adams also trembled out of fear.

Well, everyone was afraid of the biggest parent.

And Adams was no exception.

"I'm sorry, Grandpa. Some emergency at work." Adams lowered his head, as if he was guilty. Looking him like that, Mr. Charlie wasn't that angry.copy right hot novel pub