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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 241: I'll Be Okay Having You with Me

Hearing this, Summer got angry.

'She heard that his hand was injured, so, she came to him. But he actually said that to her.'

"Leonardo, I'll give you a chance to speak again." She walked to Leonardo's desk and slapped the document in front of him.

Leonardo reached out and rubbed his eyebrows, "Honey, I do have work to do."

'Alright, I forgive you since your tone is much better.'

However, Summer still asked worriedly, "Are you sure that you're not injured?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Leonardo's expression became a little strange upon mentioning it.

Summer left doubtfully.

When she went downstairs, she met Ava.

"Mrs. Emerson, is Mr. Emerson seriously injured?" Ava asked with concern.

"He didn't get his hand hurt."

Summer thought for a while and asked, "Ava, why do you say he hurt his hand? When I came back from the old house, he was fine."

"Previously, I was going to bring you some soup, but I accidentally bumped into Mr. Emerson in the corridor. He was very vigilant then and protected his hand. I guessed that his hand might be injured..."

After Ava finished speaking, she muttered to herself, ‘Even if he doesn’t seem to be injured, he may have some internal injuries...’

Summer asked in a daze, "In the corridor? Where did he just go out of the bedroom?"

"Yes." Ava frowned, and was still worried.

Summer fell into thoughts for a while and then she stared at Ava and said, "I seem to know the reason ... But don't worry, his hand is fine."

"Well, that's great." then Ava turned around and left at ease.

After Ava left, Summer looked upstairs, touched her somewhat hot face, and sat down on the sofa.

Leonardo was so vigilant and treated his hand extremely carefully because she kissed that hand, didn't he?


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