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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 239: Something Was Definitely Wrong

Sometimes people are like this. For someone who had never or rarely made a mistake, as long as they made a small one, it would be infinitely magnified.

Also, for the evil people, once they did a good deed, which would be magnified infinitely.

Mostly, people were more tolerant of evil people.

Summer wasn't sure if the negative news about Adams was true. But she knew that Adams’ reputation would be seriously damaged.

After all, Adams was an actor she had fanned for so many years. So, Summer had somewhat mixed emotions.

Along the way, Summer was a little depressed. When she returned home, she couldn't help but ask Leonardo, "Is that true?"

Summer suddenly understood why Leonardo still wanted to give Adams a chance when he had his secrets photographed and implicated her.

Because she, at that time, was in the same mood as Leonardo then.

Putting aside Leonardo's identity as Adams' cousin, she was a greater fan of Adams for seven or eight years. She did not want to believe that he would actually torture and kill animals.

One of Summer's college roommates didn't like animals. She would walk far away when she saw kittens and dogs. And she wasn't any unkind to them.

Psychologically, it was said that killing small animals is a manifestation of mental disorders in people.

If one's distorted mental disorder was not solved in time, the target he would persecute may change from animals to humans.

In short, it was psychopathic.

"True or false, who cares?" Leonardo didn't care about this matter at all.

What he cared about was the result.

Seeing that Summer was confused, Leonardo pondered for a while and said seriously, "I have never heard of such a thing before, and I'm not certain if it is true. However, those who want to deal with him are prepared. If they dare to reveal this negative news, they would find more mistakes that Adams made."

'Find more mistakes...'

"Are you saying that it is true?" Summer's expression changed slightly.

Leonardo stopped the topic and patted her head, "Go back to your room and have a rest."

He knew that Summer was Adams’ fan. If it were true, it would have some impact on her.

Summer nodded, "OK."

She indeed needed some rest.

Summer stopped when she passed Douglas' room.

As soon as he returned, Douglas went back to his room. And he wondered if his room was still the same as it used to be since he hadn't stayed here for a long time.copy right hot novel pub

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