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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 238: Step on Him

Michael was so angry that his chest heaved violently. He stared at Leonardo for long before saying, "Fine!"

Watching aside, Summer was somewhat terrified.

Fortunately, Michael was in good health. Otherwise, he would get sick by Leonardo sooner or later.


Leonardo sneered, "You know how the Emerson Group is. Those share-holders control more than half of the Group's equity and they have made many false accounts, do you know that?"

Leonardo wouldn't have worked overtime frequently then if the Emerson Group weren’t in such a terrible condition.

Michael knew that what Leonardo said was the truth and had nothing to refute.

He let out a long sigh of relief and asked, "Stop talking about this. Let's talk about Adams."

Leonardo raised his eyebrows and slightly narrowed his eyes as he waited for what Michael would say.

"You started up a television company. And Adams had been a contracted actor under your company for the past few years, right? But you canceled the contract with him, didn't you?"

People said it was the Adams who proposed to cancel the contract. But Michael was not that easy to fool like them.

Michael questioned Leonardo in a strange tone.

Leonardo replied expressionlessly, "Are you here to stand up for him?"

Michael seemed to have noticed that he said in a wrong tone. Then he softened his tone, "Your aunt and I are siblings, and you have been in a good relationship with Adams since childhood. You know that many people envy your status in the Emerson Family. It will be good for you if you establish a good relationship with him. You can look out for each other..."

"You yourself can do that if you like." Leonardo felt that it was boring. So, he stood up and said, "I won't meddle in your affair, and you don't meddle in mine."

Then he turned around and extended his hand to Summer, "Summer, let's go home."

Facing Summer, Leonardo was not as cold as when he said to Michael. His handsome eyes were full of gentleness, and Leonardo was warm and touching.

Summer put her hand into his, "Okay."

They walked out together.

Inside the open door, it sounded that something was smashed.

Summer looked at Leonardo worriedly.

Leonardo comforted her with a smile. But then he smiled with mockery, "Let him smash his own things."

Summer was slightly worried.copy right hot novel pub