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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 237: The Mess

Alisa had a grudge against Summer ever since she lost the fight with Eliza in Leonardo’s villa last time. And she hated Summer even more.

She didn’t want to be nice to Summer, thus she glanced at Summer with disdain.

Adams had poor relationships with Leonardo because of the cancellation of the contract.

Therefore, none of them took the initiative to talk to anyone.

The frozen atmosphere in the hall was annoying.

Summer was uncomfortable at all. On the contrary, no abnormality could be seen on Leonardo’s face. He even reached out to pick a few large macadamia nuts from the fruit tray on the coffee table. He then handed them to Summer after he shelled them.

Summer admired that Leonardo could keep calm at that moment.

Finally, she herself calmed down since Leonardo could act like that.

Anyway, it was just acting. The easier she pretended to be, the more she would win.

"It's quite tasty. Have a try!" As Summer spoke, she stuffed a nut into Leonardo's mouth.

Macadamia nuts were creamy and crispy. Girls mostly liked them.

Leonardo did not like such nuts, but he still frowned, chewed, and swallowed it.

"Mom," Adams sat down beside Violet and said with concern, "why didn't you call me in advance so that I could pick you up?"

Alisa also sat down next to Adams and replied, "Yes, auntie, you seldom came back. Adams just happened to be in the country, so you should ask him to pick you up."

Violet smiled faintly, "Adams is too busy. Someone else can pick me up. It doesn’t matter..."

They seemed to enjoy the friendly chatting, while Summer and Leonardo were quiet.

Leonardo only shelled the macadamia nuts slowly. Michael sat opposite him and did not speak.

Finally, it was time to eat.

Summer thought that they could go back after dinner.

But halfway through the meal, Alisa pointed at her phone and shouted, "Adams, someone is throwing mud on you online."

Alisa’s words worried Summer. She wasn't worried that Adams was thrown mud. Instead, she was just worried that Leonardo would be involved again.

Leonardo was the founder of Tip Top Media Company, and the Emersons should know about it. But they did not interfere in Leonardo’s cancellation of the contract with Adams.

Perhaps the elders of the Emersons didn’t intend to interfere. But the parties of the contract were both here...copy right hot novel pub