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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 233: Are You Blaming Me?

After Spencer finished speaking, he looked at Summer. Then he muttered to Lynn, "I can't believe that Summer will be so beautiful even she grows up. Is that funny?" Spencer couldn't help but laugh.

Lynn's face turned gloomy as he glanced at Spencer. Then, he turned to look at Summer, "Why are you here?"

"You tell me that my mother has been missing for several days, don't you? I want to know what happened." Although Summer was disappointed in Karen to the extreme, she still could not ignore her.

"Yes, she's missing." Because of what happened to Vicky, Lynn was very angry with Summer.

Summer had expected that Lynn would act in this way, so she got to the point, "I have called the police, and they will notify you then."

She turned to glance at Spencer, then Summer turned around and walked towards the car.

Finally, Spencer believed that the beautiful woman in front was Summer after he heard their conversation.

Hearing Summer's words, Lynn snorted coldly. He turned around and saw that Spencer was still looking at Summer. He scolded, "Stop looking at her! Why aren't you going in yet? You dare to drag racing with a gang of disreputable people. You..."

Spencer stopped listening to Lynn's nagging. He ran towards Summer, "Summer, don't rush off. Let's have a meal together."

Lynn got angry as he roared, "Spencer, come back!"

Spencer ignored his angry father. He only waved his hand to Lynn and said, "It's been so many years since we've seen each other. I want to have dinner with Summer. You go back first. Don't get angry since you're getting old, OK?"

Summer had boarded the car.

She heard what Spencer said for she had rolled down the windows.

In the entire Jarretts, Spencer was the only one who treated Summer well.

Spencer was a male, and he would inherit the Jarrett Group. Naturally, his family loved him more, and even the servants respected him more.

Spencer had been naughty since he was a child and liked to play and having fun.

When he was in high school, he started to convene a bunch of disreputable people to go racing, clubbing, drinking, and hanging out all day long.

He loved to fool around, but he was not bad.

At least, he would help Summer drive away those who were bullying her when he saw that on the way home from school.

This was enough for Summer to be grateful to him for long.

However, he was four years older than her. And Spencer had been gotten out of the country when Summer was in junior high school.

Lynn was about to be furious, but there was nothing he could do to Spencer.

He wondered why his son only wanted to fool around and from where he got such a bad habit

In a word, there was nothing he could do to him.

Summer saw that Lynn was so angry that he entered the villa.copy right hot novel pub