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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 231: "Adams Cancels the Contract with Tip Top"

Leonardo's eyebrows relaxed slightly, and his face softened in an instant.

He waved to Summer. "Come here."

Summer walked closer and realized that he was holding her phone.

Charlie saw Summer in the video and smiled. "Hi, Summer."

"Grandpa." Summer raised her eyes and smiled at Charlie.

Leonardo put the phone in front of him and said to Charlie, "Alright, go to bed early. Drink more tea and practice more Tai Chi."

His tone was indifferent and normal.

Summer didn't know what they had talked about earlier. She nodded in agreement. "Leonardo is right. Grandpa, you should go to bed early and exercise more."

Charlie kept silent for a while. He waved his hand impatiently. "Alright, I'm going to sleep."

Before Charlie could finish speaking, Leonardo hung up.

He was so fast that it felt perfunctory.

Summer thought she had to correct him. "You should let grandpa hang up first."

"His hands are slow as he gets older. Waiting for him to hang up is a waste of time." Leonardo's expression and tone were perfunctory.

Summer thought of Eliza and stopped persuading him.

She knew that Leonardo had his own considerations.


The next day.

Summer got up late as usual.

As soon as she entered the dining room, she saw Eliza serving the dishes silently. The swelling on her forehead reduced a little, looking less frightening than yesterday.

Eliza brought breakfast to the dining table with a straight face.copy right hot novel pub