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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 230: You Old Fool

When Summer thought of this, her face was no better than Leonardo's.

Adams was determined to go against Leonardo.

She couldn't understand why Adams kept standing on the opposite side of Leonardo and didn't distinguish right from wrong.

The vibe in the car was a little depressing.

Their original plan was to go to the Golden Cauldron Club for dinner after the lawsuit.

Tim drove to the Golden Cauldron Club.

Carl had been waiting for them in the private room.

He was ordering dishes when Summer and the others entered.

Though Summer hadn't seen Carl for some time, she still found him sloppy. He pulled a chair and winked at Summer. "Summer, sit over here."

His enthusiasm surprised Summer. "No matter how you please me, I won't speak in favor of you in front of Jessica."

"Don't consider me so utilitarian. You're a treasure now and we shall all serve you." Carl looked at Leonardo and said, "Am I right, Leonardo?"

Leonardo ignored him and pulled a chair for Summer. Then he sat down beside her.

Carl felt bored and went to Warren's side to ask him, "What's wrong? Things aren't going smoothly?"

Warren shrugged.

He thought it was smooth, but Leonardo didn't look right when he saw Adams.

It was eight in the evening when they finished dinner.

Carl and Warren had to attend another dinner. Leonardo and Summer went straight home.


When they got home, Summer entered the hall and saw Eliza wiping the floor.

This was a rare sight.

When Eliza saw them enter, she greeted them. "Mr. Emerson. Mrs. Emerson."

Although Eliza's face was swollen, Summer could still tell her reluctance.

Eliza's forehead was swollen and bruised, and there were several bandages on her face. Summer couldn't help but ask, "Are you alright?"

Eliza seemed dumbfounded for a moment. "I'm okay."

Leonardo didn't look at Eliza and took Summer upstairs.copy right hot novel pub