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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 23 Poor excuse

Leonardo was angry and shouted in frustration, “Fuck off!”

Summer was stunned, paused, turned around, and left.

After a while, Leonardo calmed down and Tim entered the room with a stack of files in his hands.

It appeared that Leonardo thought of something, raised his head, and asked, “Is Summer back?”

Tim placed the files on his table, cleared his throat, and said, “Missus had been back for a while and she was here… to see you…”

Leonardo remembered that indeed there was a woman who knocked on the door.

And the only woman who stayed in this villa was Summer.

Did she look for him on her own?

Was it because she couldn’t resolve the rumors on social media and wanted his help?

Leonardo’s black eyes sparkled, he leaned back into his seat and ordered, “Get her over here.”

Tim went out and returned with Summer in a short moment.

Summer pushed the door and entered and Leonardo was seated behind the table with the tall executive chair turned, back towards her.

She could only see his hands which were on the armrests and the back of his head.

Leonardo asked her, “What did you want?”

Isn’t she supposed to ask him that?

When she came to look for him, he asked her to go away and now he asked her back only to ask what was going on?

Summer didn’t want to beat around the bush and said directly, “I want to move out.”

She noticed that there was no reaction from Leonardo and explained, “I’ll be starting work soon and it is inconvenient for me to continue living here.”

Her explanation received a simple answer, “Oh.”


Was that an approval?

Leonardo was in fact very upset.

Yesterday this ugly woman said that she doesn’t mind that he can’t ‘perform’, and today she wants to move out of the villa?

Dream on!

Summer looked at him keeping quiet and asked, “You…”

Leonardo coldly interrupted her, “Do you think that this is a market that you can come and go as you wish?”

Summer can hear his fury.

She didn’t understand how she had offended him. Forget it, she’ll just stay here.

If she considered it from another perspective, someone like Leonardo who has some ‘inabilities’ will be particularly sensitive and easily offended.

When Summer thought of it in that manner, her tone softened and said, “Okay, I understand, I’ll take my leave if there is nothing else.”

It was Leonardo’s first time hearing her speak so gently.

He waved his hand and his face darkened.

“Get out!”

Summer sighed within, Leonardo has an awful temper.

Leonardo turned around and threw the documents onto the table.

Tim looked at his reaction and was wondering why his boss has been losing his temper recently.copy right hot novel pub