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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 224: Then I Belong to You, Too

It had been Eliza's first time to see Leonardo's smile since she came to the villa.

Handsome but expressionless all the time, Leonardo made people afraid but couldn't help to get closer. With such a bright smile, he seemed to be shining, fascinating people in a second.

Eliza secretly clenched her fists. Only such a man could marry her.


Leonardo and Summer returned to the bedroom after dinner.

Ava brought the fruit soon.

After finishing the fruit, Summer took a shower and stood in front of the mirror while brushing teeth. She sized herself up and always felt she was fatter.

How long has it been? And she had become fat!

Should she eat less?

But she would get hungry!

Summer went out after brushing the teeth. And Leonardo was sitting on the sofa reading documents in a bathrobe.

His elegant and noble aura that was naturally emitted annoyed Summer.

Although she knew that what happened tonight had nothing to do with Leonardo, she couldn't help but get angry when she saw him.

She walked over and threw his documents aside. With folded arms, she stared at him.

Leonardo raised his head. Seeing that she seemingly wanted to send a punitive expedition against him, Leonardo suppressed a smile and said seriously, "What's wrong?"

He was calm and sincere, making Summer at her wits' end.

To vent her anger, she reached out to pinch his face.

She couldn't help but laugh at him after a few seconds, "Why does a man have such fair skin! Not man enough!"

Leonardo raised his eyebrows, "Not man enough?"

Summer followed his example and raised her eyebrows to meet his gaze.

Leonardo stretched out his long arm and pulled her into his embrace.

With one arm around her waist tightly, he lowered his voice and implied a threat, "Not man enough?"

Summer trembled, "Yes! You're man enough!"

Only then did Leonardo feel satisfied and kissed her.

Then, as usual, the two of them lay on the bed.

But ... they could do nothing.copy right hot novel pub