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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 222: Don't You Think It's Too Late

Karen couldn't care about her image now. She got up from the ground and explained, "I am her mother! I am Summer's mother!"

Although she was well dressed, her face was swollen. And she had just been thrown to the ground by the bodyguard, so she looked a little miserable now.

A trace of disdain flashed across the bodyguard's face, "Since you are Mrs. Emerson's mother. Why didn't you call her before coming to see her?"


Karen was stuck dumb by this question.

She didn't know why Summer and she would end up like this.

In the past, Summer had always been nice to Karen and was eager for her care.

But now, Summer didn't answer her phone. And she couldn't see Summer.

"Hurry up and leave," the bodyguard said impatiently and left.

Karen didn't follow him.

The bodyguard had said that Summer wasn't at home. Karen believed it and sat down by the roadside, waiting for Summer.

Summer would pass here when she came back, so Karen just waited here.

'When Summer sees me, she will definitely take me in.'

'After all, I'm her mother.'

With this thought, Karen cheered up.

She waited until five o'clock in the afternoon, and her body was about to freeze. Only then did she see a car coming over.

She was delighted and ran out to stop the car.

Tim was driving, while Leonardo was sitting in the back and looking at Summer's Moments.

"Mr. Emerson, someone is in the way."

Leonardo didn't look up and said, "Go see who it is."

Hearing this, Tim stopped the car.

Then Karen ran over.

"Summer, are you in the car?" she shouted as she ran.

Hearing this voice, Leonardo finally looked up.

When he saw Karen's face clearly, he narrowed his eyes and snorted. Then he opened the door and got out of the car.

Seeing that there was a driver in the front seat, Karen thought that Summer was sitting in the back. As she walked to the back of the car, the door suddenly opened.

Karen was frightened at the sight of Leonardo and stammered, "Summer ... Summer isn't in the car?"

Leonardo closed the door and casually leaned against the car, saying indifferently, "You want to see Summer?"

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