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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 220: Don't Come to Me Again

Before Summer could say anything, Charlie said, "Now that you are pregnant, you need care and protection. There are few maids in the villa, so I bring a new batch of maids to take care of you."

Summer looked over and found that there were more than ten maids.

However, she thought it was too much for Leonardo and her.

Besides, she would feel uncomfortable if many people lived in the villa.

She didn't know how to refuse Charlie's offer.

"Thank you for your care, grandpa. But the doctor said that I am in good health now...."

"Even so, you still need to be taken good care of. In the past, when Leonardo's grandma gave birth to Michael, she suffered a lot due to the bad medical conditions...."

Charlie paused for a moment and said, "Forget it. Anyway, if you need anything, just tell Leonardo. If he doesn't get it for you, you can call me. Do you have my number? Or can I have your WeChat...?"

As he spoke, he took out his phone and opened WeChat.

Summer was amused and thought that Charlie was cute.

She took out her phone with a smile and said, "Let me scan your QR code."

"OK. Click here, right?" Charlie leaned over and showed Summer his QR code.

When Leonardo entered, what he saw was that Charlie was adding Summer on WeChat.

He glanced at them and sat down on the sofa.

Charlie saw him and said grumpily, "Take good care of Summer."

Leonardo looked up and said, "You're telling me."

Charlie snorted, "If it weren't for Summer, do you think I would have come here?"

Leonardo crossed his legs and said, "You already saw us, so you can leave now."

Charlie pointed at Leonardo's nose and scolded, "Are you trying to aggravate me?"

But there wasn't much anger in his eyes.

Charlie didn't stay any longer. He talked to Summer for a while and left in the dark.

Those maids didn't leave with him.

Summer sat on the sofa and looked at them. She found that the maids all looked pretty.

When rich people hired maids, they would even choose beautiful ones.

Some of the maids were peeking at Leonardo.

Summer suddenly got a headache and rubbed her temples. She looked at Leonardo and said, "You deal with it.copy right hot novel pub