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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 219: Instigation

What Leonardo asked her to repeat must be this.

'Instead, I'll love him more.'

How would she say such a thing?

How would she say this in front of Leonardo?

Summer was angry with herself. She shook off Leonardo's hand and walked forward.

Leonardo followed her with a smile on his face and grabbed her hand, "Slow down."

"I like to walk fast." Summer tried to shake off his hand, but in vain. Then they walked forward hand in hand.

They met Jessica at the corner of the corridor.

Jessica shouted at the sight of Summer, "Summer, you're pregnant now. I'm so worried about you. What took you so long? You didn't even answer my phone. I'm...."

The words caught in her throat when she saw Leonardo.

She frowned and cleared her throat, saying in a soft voice, "Don't do this again."

Summer was shocked by Jessica's sweet voice and said, "Don't freak out. I am a person, and please don’t torture me."

Jessica said, "How could I not freak out? You're having a baby now."

She felt dejected. She just wanted to have a dinner with Summer, but many bad things happened one by one. It was really....

They returned to the private room and finally could had dinner.

During meal time, Jessica asked, "Summer, where did you go? Didn't you go to the bathroom? Why did you leave?"

"I happened to see Leonardo. He was having dinner with his family elders. He saw me and then took me to meet them." Summer looked down and lied.

Leonardo glanced at her and didn't say anything.

"Oh, I see." Jessica didn't doubt it.

After meal, Jessica suddenly realized that Leonardo was the only heir of the Emerson family. Summer didn't need to see anyone in the Emerson family, except Leonardo's father and grandfather.copy right hot novel pub