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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 212: I Only Have You

Summer ate a little too much at night and vomited violently, so it didn't smell good inside the car.

She didn't smell it herself, but Leonardo could feel it clearly.

He only frowned slightly. When she was done vomiting, he took a napkin and wiped her mouth. Then, he found a bottle of water in the car and handed it to her.

"Let's get out of the car." Leonardo's voice had calmed down.

He opened the door and got out of the car. He took off his coat and sweater, which were stained with Summer's vomit, leaving behind only a shirt.

However, Summer's clothes were not stained with it.

When she got out of the car, the cold breeze refreshed her.

Turning her head to look at Leonardo, who was wearing only a shirt, Summer couldn't help but ask, "Are you cold?"

When she looked at Leonardo, Leonardo also turned to look at her.

After throwing up, her eyes were wet and slightly red, and her face was pale. The way she pursed her lips and looked at him touched Leonardo's heart.

He was about to say "What do you think?", but it then turned into "I'm not cold."

Summer was ready for his sarcasm and she was about to said "It served you right" back to him. However, he said something else.

What a strange man. He didn't feel cold with just a shirt in sub-zero temperatures.

Leonardo was not just playing it cool. He literally wasn't cold, while Summer was shivering in the cold wind.


The car was dirty, so they took a taxi back together.

As for his car, he asked a bodyguard to drive it back.

After returning home, Leonardo went shower in his study, and Summer in the bedroom.

When Summer came out of the bathroom, she discovered that Leonardo was already sitting on the sofa in front of the window in his nightgown.

He didn't turn on the big light in the room. Only a floor lamp shone beside him. He looked tender in the dim yellow light.

But no one knew better than Summer.copy right hot novel pub