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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 206: I've Had Enough

Summer walked out of Vicky's room and planned to call Leonardo as she walked downstairs.

However, before she could get through, she saw Adams walking towards the hall at the corner of the stairs.

She subconsciously cut off the phone call and fixed her gaze on Adams.

Adams was dressed in a well-pasted grey suit. He looked a little thin, with a gentle expression on his face. The curves of his lips seemed to have been carefully designed. He was like a person walking out of a movie poster, elegant and exclusive.

If all of this hadn't happened, Summer would still be his fan.

Probably because Summer's gaze was too obvious, Adams noticed her.

The moment their eyes met, the gentle expression on Adams' face seemed to be cracking.

His smile stiffened, but in just a few seconds, he returned to normal.

Alexander was still in the hall. Adams looked away and walked towards Alexander with a gentle attitude, "Mr. Jarrett."

Alexander smiled and said, "Mr. Wilson, please take a seat."

When Summer went downstairs, Alexander and Adams were chatting on the sofa.

Summer resisted the impulse to rush over and question him with great effort.

Karen came out of somewhere and pulled Summer into a room.

She looked at the door for a while before closing it and pulling Summer into the room, "What's going on? Why is your sister's name on the marriage certificate?"

Summer looked at Karen in surprise.

Would she, the mother, finally care about her?

However, the next second, Karen ruined her fantasy.

"If you had given back the position as the Young Mistress of the Emersons to Vicky, all of this wouldn't happen today. But you are so greedy. Now Vicky was grounded. How pitiful...."

Karen chatted on and on for a long time before finally saying worriedly, "I wonder if this matter will affect the company...."

Summer couldn't help but sneer. Her voice was exceptionally cold, "Karen, what's wrong with you? If you are insane, go to the psychiatric department of the hospital.copy right hot novel pub