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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 205: Be Hit to Death by Rotten Eggs

Summer was dumbfounded for a moment before she came to herself. The bodyguard kept the reporters from her, "We don't accept interviews."

Tim also got out of the car and protected Summer as she entered the villa.

She couldn't help but look back.

Those reporters were stopped by tall bodyguards, but they didn't give up and tried to squeeze in with their cameras on their shoulders, causing their hair and faces to almost distort.

Summer was dazzled by the light of the magnesium lamps from such a distance.

There were always many rubberneckers in this world. They didn't care about the truth, only paying attention to what they wanted to see. And they didn't care about how you would be affected by these things.

There was no sympathy in this world, and she had to rely on herself after all.

Summer thought as she walked into the hall of the Jarrett's villa.

After such a thing happened, the Jarretts did not dare to go out. Other than Lynn who went to the company, everyone else was at home.

When the servant saw Summer enter, she informed the rest of the Jarretts.

When she entered, Karen and Alexander just came downstairs.

Seeing Summer, Karen greeted her, "Summer."

"Hi, Mom." Summer looked down and answered without any expression. Then, she turned to Alexander and said, "Hi, grandpa."

Karen followed Alexander to the hall and said carefully, "You talk first. I'll make some tea."

A trace of ridicule flashed through Summer's eyes. Karen actually didn't care about such a big thing happening to her, and she only wanted to please Alexander.

Karen had lived her entire life with caution. She was always pleasing Lynn, Vicky and her sibling, or Alexander.

She was busy pleasing everyone in the Jarretts, but she had never cared for the daughter she had given life to.

She had never thought that she should care about such a big matter.

It seemed that she was used to ignoring Summer.

After Karen left, Alexander pondered for a moment and then said, "I know everything on the Internet. I have grounded your sister. She is still so foolish at such an old age!"

There was a hint of hatred in his tone, but maybe he was just comforting her.

"I want to see her." That was why Summer returned today.copy right hot novel pub