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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 200: Satisfaction

Summer looked at Adams carefully and found that he was composed as before. He looked impeccably normal.

Summer kept the smile on her face, "I heard that you were doing some pro bono work in the mountains. But we were very worried about you, because no one could contact you at that time."

Adams' face did not change. "Well, that's my bad."

Summer pursed her lips and didn't know what to say.

She couldn't find anything wrong about Adams' expression.

Summer suspected if she was thinking too much, which made her think Adams was suspicious.

However, a person's intuition would not come from nowhere.

She believed that it was impossible for Leonardo to find nothing. And she also believed in her judgment.

If Adams really planned all of this, he would be too terrifying.

Adams saw that Summer had been looking at him, so he said, "Summer, you have a lot of questions today."

Summer's face changed slightly. "Perhaps it's because Leonardo has been too busy lately. He doesn't even have time to talk with me. So, I just want to say more when I see you today."

Summer said that halfheartedly to test Adams.

Adams nodded and said with concern, "He has taken over the Emerson Group, our big family business. So, he will only be busier."

Summer smiled and had nothing else to say.

Adams acted as usual. He was completely flawless.

Although Summer had doubted him, there was no evidence.


After leaving Tip Top Media, Summer suddenly remembered that Adams had never asked anything about the trending topic.

She and Adams created a buzz again. Adams should also know about this.

She didn't think that Adams had to care more about her. But it should be in his nature to ask a few questions with concern.

However, he did not.

Was it because her question made him nervous and he was so focused on dealing with her that he didn't even dare to mention the trending topic?

The more Summer thought about it, the more she was sure about it.

Now, a car stopped in front of her.

When the window was rolled down, Summer saw Jessica in an ancient costume.

"Jessica?" Summer was surprised. "Are you coming here from the set?"

"Yeah." Jessica looked around and urged her. "Get in the car, quick.copy right hot novel pub