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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 195: Sleepyhead

The more Summer thought about it, the more she felt that she was right.

If someone else had said that they hadn't found out, Summer would have believed it, but Leonardo must lie about it.

Leonardo was truly confident from the bottom of his heart.

The moment this thought popped up, she couldn't stop it anymore.

Summer had been thinking about it all day.

As soon as she got off work, she hurriedly went home, wanting intending to talk to Leonardo about this matter.

However, when she returned home, Leonardo hadn't returned yet.

It was already seven o'clock when dinner was ready, but Leonardo hadn't returned yet.

It was time for dinner, and Ava advised Summer, "Mrs. Emerson, maybe you should have dinner first. Mr. Emerson may be back late."

"It's okay. I'll wait for him."

On his first day at the Emerson Group, Leonardo would definitely be very busy. This was normal.

After waiting for a while, Leonardo hadn't returned yet, so Summer wanted to call Leonardo.

However, just as she took out her phone, her phone rang.

She looked at her phone and saw that it was Leonardo calling.

Summer answered the phone and asked him, "When will you be back?"

"I just finished a meeting. I might be back very late tonight. You go to bed first. Don't wait for me," Leonardo said in a slightly low voice. He sounded gentle but tired.

The meeting was too long for him to notice that it was already so late.

As soon as the meeting was over, he called Summer immediately.

"I see..."

Recently, although she and Leonardo did not go to work together, they still went out together in the morning and came back home together in the evening.

Right now, Summer was still not used to being alone in an empty room.

After dinner, she went back to her room and wrote the manuscript on her laptop.

She wrote the manuscript, keeping an eye on the sound of cars outside.

However, she was too tired after a day's work and soon fell asleep on the bed.

Then Leonardo returned.

The room was well heated. Leonardo walked into the bedroom and saw Summer sleeping on the bed with her head tilted.

Her hands were still on the keyboard of the laptop. Her bangs curled up and her hair was on the bead.copy right hot novel pub