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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 194: Leonardo Is Lying

Summer was not surprised to hear Leonardo say this.

Tip Top Media Company is was famous for being rich and generous.

However, she did not know how much her salary was.

She asked Leonardo curiously, "Then how much do you pay me?"

Hearing this, Leonardo suddenly narrowed his eyes and leaned closer to her. He said meaningfully, "The boss of the company serves you personally every day. And now you still want your salary?"

This man really wouldn't give up any chance to flirt with her.

Just as Summer was about to speak, Carl walked in with a few big packages of packed food.

"Time to eat!" Carl glanced at them and looked away.

He had to see how in love they were all day. It was so unbearable.

Summer helped take out the food. Carl couldn't help but complain, "Fortunately, Leonardo will return to the Emerson Group in a few days. Otherwise, I have to put up with you two every day!"

Summer was slightly stunned, and she looked at Leonardo. "When will you return to the Emerson Group?"

"Few days later." Leonardo lowered his head and his voice was low. She could not hear any emotions from his voice.

Summer almost forgot about this.

Leonardo had said previously that he would return to the Emerson Group. After he made arrangements for the company and made a transfer to Carl, he would probably return to the Emerson Group.


The next day, Summer went to work by subway.

But when she got out of the subway, she saw Leonardo's car.

On the third day, Summer took a taxi to Tip Top Media Company. When the taxi arrived at her company, Leonardo's car also happened to arrive there.

Finally, on the fourth day, Leonardo did not follow her.

Because he was going to the Emerson Group.

Summer woke up early in the morning and did not see Leonardo.

When she went downstairs to the hall, Ava said as soon as she saw her, "Mr. Emerson has already left."

Summer nodded and felt surprised.

How strange it was that Leonardo went to work without waiting for her?

But not long after, she received a phone call from Leonardo.

"I've already arrived at the Emerson Group. You don't have to worry about going to work every day followed by me.copy right hot novel pub