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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 192: Work in Tip Top

Summer hung up the phone and turned to look at Jessica. "Leonardo asked me to take a document to the company."

"I have free time. I take you home to get the document and then we go to Tip Top together," Jessica shook the car keys and said.

Thus, Summer went home with Jessica to get the document and then they went to Tip Top.

After Jessica drove the car into the parking lot, Summer took the exclusive elevator and went to Leonardo's office on the top floor.


When she arrived at Leonardo's office, Leonardo was standing in front of the French window with his back to her. She didn't know what he was thinking.

"Here you are." Summer walked in and put the document on his desk.

Hearing this, Leonardo turned around and said, "I haven't taken you around Tip Top yet."

'Why does he mention it suddenly?'

Leonardo said, "How about I let someone take you around?"

'Why does he plan to take her around Tip Top?'

"I'll ask Carl to take you around," Leonardo said. Then he changed his mind. "It's better to look for Jessica."

Summer was not very interested in visiting Tip Top. She pointed at the document on the table and asked Leonardo, "Don't you read the documents first?"

"It's not very important." Leonardo did not raise his head. He took out his phone to call Carl.

Summer was confused.

'It is not important. Why does he call me to send it over?'

Carl came over.

Carl appeared. His eyes were black-ringed. "What's the matter?"

Leonardo turned to look at Carl and instructed, "Take Summer around."

Carl was also surprised.

But thinking about Leonardo's hard work recently, Carl nodded and said, "Come on. Let me show you around your husband's company."

Summer felt awkward because of what Carl said.

Leonardo said coldly behind, "Ask Jessica to take her around."

Carl waved his hand. "Jessica has just come here. She is not familiar with Tip Top."

Outside the door, Summer asked Carl, "Why does Leonardo call me to visit Tip Top suddenly?"

She finally understood that Leonardo's request for her to send the document was his excuse, but she didn't know his purpose.

Carl thought for a moment and asked her, "Did you resign?"

Summer nodded.

Carl said uncertainly, "Maybe he wants you to work in Tip Top, but he is unwilling to tell you that, so he asks me to take you around and lure you to work here."

Then Carl also felt that his guess was too abnormal.

Summer did not think that Carl's guess was correct. "He can tell me directly."

Carl said, "Didn't you reject the privilege that he offered? You said you weren't willing to work in Tip Top.copy right hot novel pub