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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 191: I Think You Want to Be Blacklisted

"I'm here."

Leonardo replied, "You’re so severe that I don't have the guts to refute you. Which of us is more powerful?"

Summer kicked him under the blanket. She was reluctant to discuss this topic with him.

Leonardo laughed and continued to sleep.

When Summer browsed the topic list, the first topic was #Mr. Carl Slays#.

The second topic was #Jessica and Laura Have an Argument#.

The third topic was #I'm Rich#.

Even though Summer hadn't seen the contents, she felt vaguely that these three topics seemed to be related.

She read the topics one by one. Finally, she found a netizen's summary on Weibo.

"For those of you who are still in the dark, I’ll explain those three successive topics. It started with Laura posting a Weibo indicating that the founder of Tip Top XN was actually fabricated. Then she insinuated that a new female artist whose last name contained 'H' of Tip Top had affairs with a senior staff. Afterwards, the female artist also posted to retort Laura. Finally, “a senior staff manager” of Tip Top also joined the fray, saying" I'm rich. I can hire whoever I want to hire."

Finally, the blogger said, "Everyone knows that the female artist refers to the actress Jessica who is good at acting and she has always been the supporting female. She has just started to cooperate with Tip Top. The manager is Mr. Carl of Tip Top. I have to admit that this rare argument somewhat makes me want to be Jessica’s fan. [Laugh and Cry], [Laugh and Cry], [Laugh and Cry].”

The blogger used the emoji of "Laugh and Cry" three times in the end.

After Summer read this summary, she read Laura's posts.

"Since everyone wants to know who that female entertainer is, let me reveal that her surname is Hicks. She has always been the supporting female and been signed by Tip Top at a high price."

Jessica was poached by Tip Top at a high price. This was not a secret in the industry. Since Jessica was reluctant to hype, she did not look for the media to report this matter. However, there were still many people who knew about it.

At the very least, most of Jessica's die-hard fans knew about this matter.

When Laura made her post, she made waves.

Jessica's fans were the same as Jessica. They were not people to be trifled with. If no one provoked them, they wouldn't cause any trouble. When someone provoked them, they would fight back.

Laura's Weibo post was criticized by Jessica's fans, and Laura ignored it without saying a word.

Laura's fans argued with Jessica's fans.copy right hot novel pub