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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 190: No Matter How Powerful I'm, You Still Ride on Me

Summer tapped into the topic #The Founder of Tip Top: XN#. The top post was a long post by a user called "XN".

The title was simple and straightforward. It was "The Statement for Tip Top's Harsh Treatment to Mr. Adams".

"This is the first time I've faced the public since Tip Top was founded ten years ago. I'm the founder of Tip Top Media Company. You can call me XN. Because most of the time the company is run by Carl, you may not hear of me. In the past ten years, Tip Top has experienced storms and darkness, and has also fallen to a low ebb. I'm very grateful for everyone's expectation and concern. The following is my statement."

"Mr. Adams is the first artist to sign the contract with Tip Top. He started his career when Tip Top was founded. He has experienced everything that Tip Top has experienced with me...."

"We've cooperated for ten years. For me, he is my friend and mentor. The scandal this time is my negligence. That's why he is trapped in the whirlpool of the public opinion."

This long post was very sincere and it did not mention any scandals of Tip Top that had been exploited.

Die-hard fans only concerned about the company's attitude towards Adams, and would not be so bored and ignorant to exploit the company's scandals.

Moreover, those scandals were all fake and made up.

Summer finished reading the post on Weibo and she was somewhat moved by the content.

She leaned against the chair and read the comments below slowly.

"It has been ten years since Adams' debut."

"It seems that XN is Tip Top's founder. Mr. Carl has shared the post, and many of their entertainers have also shared it."

"Anyway, I don't believe that it is written by Mr. Carl."

"Am I the only one who feels touched? I feel that XN and Adams must have a very good relationship."

"I almost cried."

"Me too."

The post was filled with sincerity, and it also contained some touching stories at the startup.

Summer browsed XN's Weibo and found that there was only one post. It could be seen that it was a new account.

This post was posted at five o'clock. It had only been an hour since then. It had already been shared by more than ten thousand people, and there were already seventy to eighty thousand followers.copy right hot novel pub