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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 189: The Founder of Tip Top: XN

Leonardo didn’t stop walking. "We’ll talk about it when we get back."

Hearing this, Summer understood that he would deal with this matter.

As expected, as soon as Leonardo returned home, he went straight to the study.

Summer returned to the bedroom and planned to write the scripts with her computer. However, when she wrote, she couldn't help but browse if there was any scandal related to Tip Top on Weibo.

At the beginning, the topics were about Adams and Summer, and there weren't many comments and posts scolding Tip Top.

However, there was a faint sign that netizens were going to exploit the scandals of Tip Top.

Summer had browsed the information of Tip Top before. There were some small scandals. They were too small that most of them were harmless. Compared to other companies, Tip Top was better.

Summer was anxious, so she carried her computer to the study to look for Leonardo.

Standing at the door of the study, she gave a symbolic knock at the door. Then she pushed the door open gently and looked inside, "Would I bother you if I come in?"

She held the computer in one hand and supported the door by another hand. She popped her head around the door. She was polite and cautious. Leonardo laughed out.

He smiled and said, "Perhaps you would bother me."

Summer couldn't help but stare at him.

When she saw him enter the study as soon as he returned, she thought that he was anxious about this. She was really afraid that she would him. To her surprise, he had the energy to tease her.

Summer closed the door and walked around the desk with her computer in her arms. She looked at his computer screen.

He was also browsing Weibo and other websites. The titles of the websites were "Successful Public Relations Cases", "Tip Top Media Company's Unknown...", and “Shocking! A Big Shot in Show Business...” etc.

Summer asked him curiously, "What are you doing?"

"I’m doing what you think I’m doing." Leonardo closed the web pages that he had browsed and pulled Summer into his embrace.

Summer was surprised.

She was so naive.

Only she felt that such a trivial thing could make Leonardo anxious.

Leonardo lowered his head and kissed her.

Summer pushed him and asked, "This thing is very easy to solve. You could admit your relationship with Adams, or Adams and I could make a clarification. There's no need to be so troublesome."

If the relationship between Adams and Leonardo was exposed, those who made a fuss about "Tip Top Media Company's harsh treatment of Adams" could shut up.copy right hot novel pub