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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 183: Tomorrow, This Company Will Be Mine

How could she think of a way to please him in such a short period of time?

That was not right. All she did was to him about Carl. Why did that offend him and why did she have to please him?

Just as Summer thought about it, Leonardo's voice suddenly sounded, "Time is up."

Her mouth twitching, Summer felt that Leonardo was getting weird.

Leonardo pulled her into his arms, raised her chin and kissed her.

He couldn't get enough off her lips. Half a minute later, he left her lips, looking at her misty eyes and saying seriously, "Do you understand now?"

Summer nodded in embarrassment.

He expressed his purpose so euphemistically. It turned out that he wanted to ... kiss her!

Leonardo was happy and patted her head, "Wait for me in the car."

Then he got out of the car.

Summer only had time to ask him by the window, "Where are you going?"

Leonardo only glanced at her and didn't say anything. Then he walked straight towards the Jarrett Group.

Summer pursed her lips. She seemed to be right that Leonardo indeed came for her resignation.

It was time to get off work, so there were a lot of people going in and out of the Jarrett Group.

After Leonardo's identity was exposed, many people knew him.

And those who didn't know him would also be attracted by his unique and noble temperament.

Leonardo ignored their gaze and walked to the elevator.

The receptionist was a newcomer. Seeing that Leonardo just walked in, she chased after him and said, "Sir ... Who are you looking for...?"

"I'm looking for Mr. Jarret," Leonardo turned around and said.

The receptionist was going to ask whether Leonardo had an appointment. But she was frightened by his cold eyes and said, "Mr. Jarret is in the office...."

"Thank you," Leonardo said with a poker face and then walked into the elevator.copy right hot novel pub