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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 182: Have Affections Towards Leonardo

After talking about her resignation with Leonardo, Summer thought for a while and decided to resign.

She just did some ordinary clerical work in the Jarrett Group like printing documents and organizing materials. The work had nothing to do with her major. It was just a waste of time to continue working in the Jarrett Group.

Summer did not delay after making the decision.

Summer wrote her resignation letter quickly and handed it to Alexander as soon as she went to work.

Ever since Alexander returned, he had been in charge of the company, and all the decision about the company, no matter big or small, had to be made by him.

This meant Lynn had no real power in the company.

Summer pushed the door open and entered Alexander's office. She put the resignation letter on his desk and said, "Grandpa."

Alexander raised his head and looked at the letter of resignation. After pondering for a moment, he said, "What do you mean?"

"As you can see, I want to resign. Please approve, Mr. Jarret." Summer looked at him calmly, her voice as calm as her expression.

"Sit down." Alexander pointed at the chair across the desk.

Summer sat down.

After Alexander returned, he had had a lot of contact with Summer, but this was the first time he had looked at her carefully.

When he went abroad, Summer was only seven years old. She was a pretty little girl with excellent grades. She was very pleasing when she called him grandfather obediently.

However, his thoughts were feudal and old-fashioned. After all, Karen was the second wife of his son. In his heart, he loved Vicky and her brother more, so he didn't pay much attention to Summer.

In the following years, he occasionally got some information of Summer, and he felt that his thoughts were really correct.

However, when he came back and saw Summer, he realized that everything was different from what he had imagined.

Vicky, whom he had loved since childhood, had been spoiled badly.

However, Summer, who had been ignored by him, was at the center of the Jarretts' crisis.

Summer looked into Alexander's eyes. She was neither humble nor arrogant. She was much better than Vicky.

He had expended so much effort to make Vicky get married with Leonardo, but Vicky had given this opportunity to Summer.

He could tell that Summer was a smart and calm girl. She was a very thoughtful person. One of the characteristics of such people was that she was not easy to control.copy right hot novel pub