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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 181: A Rough Guess

Summer was stunned for a moment and looked up at Leonardo.

Leonardo said impatiently, "You are too slow."

After that, he carried her bag in one hand and held her hand in the other.

Summer looked at his hand while he was carrying her bag. She lowered her head, pursed her lips, and smiled softly.

Mr. Emerson was also very considerate.


They sat in the car. As Leonardo started up the car, he said casually, "You'd better resign."

His tone was so casual that it took Summer half a minute to react to what he said.

"You mean I should resign?" Summer pointed at herself.

Leonardo turned to look at her with a calm expression, "Of course."

"Why do you suddenly ask me to resign?" His words were too unexpected, and Summer was a little puzzled.

"It's impossible for you to work for the Jarrett Group all the time. It's a waste of time." His tone was firm and serious. "Besides, you're not happy when you work for the Jarrett Group."

At first, he wanted Summer to work for Tip Top, but Lynn suddenly invited Summer. Summer also wanted to go to the Jarrett Group, so he just let her go.

Although he might want some more from Summer at the beginning, the thoughts in his heart were very simple now. He hoped that she would be happy and do whatever she wanted to do.

Many times, when he went back to his room, he could see her writing scripts on the computer.

She majored in film and television drama literature, and that was what she liked.

If she didn't want to work, she could just stay at home. He earned enough money to afford the expenses all her life.

If she had hobbies and wanted to work, he could arrange a team for her and clear the way for her. She could be successful easily.

Summer felt very weepy.

Leonardo was a very contradictory person. He was ruthless, but he was not a thoroughly bad person. He could also be gentle, considerate, and concerned about whether she was happy or not.

Although she was touched, Summer did not agree with him immediately.

"If I leave the Jarrett Group, how will you get information from my grandfather?"

Leonardo sneered as if he had heard a funny joke. "You? What can you get from your grandfather?"

There was an undisguised mockery in his tone.copy right hot novel pub