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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 180: A “Janus-faced” Man

"Okay," Leonardo said carelessly, "Did you call me just to tell me about this?"

"No, I have something else to tell you."

"Then what else do you want to tell me?"

Leonardo's voice was still careless, but Summer could tell that it was somewhat unusual.

"Nothing..." She suddenly didn't dare to mention Adams' matter.

"Where are you? I'll meet you later." As Leonardo spoke, he picked up the car keys and walked out.

"Where are you going?" Carl saw Leonardo walk out with the car keys in hand, and said with a shocked expression, "Are you going to fight with Adams? He's not at the company..."

Leonardo ignored his nonsense and left directly.

Leonardo said that he wanted to meet her, so Summer could only find a restaurant near the tea house and wait for Leonardo.

She chose a window seat and looked out of the window from time to time, so that she could see Leonardo as soon as he came over.

Leonardo arrived very quickly. Summer called him and told him the address. He parked his car and walked towards the restaurant.

"What do you want to drink? I ordered you a cup of lemon tea," Summer said with a fawning smile.

Lemon tea?

Only women drink lemon tea.

Leonardo raised his eyebrows but didn't say anything.

As soon as he sat down, he said straightforwardly, "You should be at the company right now."

In other words, Summer must have appeared here because she had something to do or someone asked her out.

Summer knew that Leonardo had guessed what had happened. Leonardo was so smart and she couldn't hide anything from him.

She could only tell Leonardo everything.

After hearing this, Leonardo did not speak immediately. He just stared at her for a while.

Summer felt uncomfortable being stared at by him, then he said slowly, "So, after knowing that you and Adams were the trending topic, you contacted Adams first."

Summer could hear his anger from these words.

It was as if as long as she said something wrong, Leonardo would explode immediately.

She pondered for a moment and wanted to say something nice to make Leonardo calm down. With a glance, she saw Michael and Charlie suddenly.

Charlie was Leonardo's grandfather.

They came out of the tea house, walking one after the other.

Summer could not see their expressions clearly for she was far from them, but she could feel that the atmosphere between them did not seem to be very good.copy right hot novel pub