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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 176: What Are You Keeping Him For! Tell Him to Scram

Everywhere they passed, Summer and Leonardo were greeted by servants and bodyguards.

Even their curves of bending were the same. They lined up neatly, and were clearly well-trained.

Summer was shocked secretly, and her expression became somewhat solemn.

The Emersons' old house was very big. They passed through the front yard and went through the hall to the back yard.

As Charlie grew old, he liked to live in quiet place, so he had moved to the quiet backyard.

When they arrived at Charlie's door, Leonardo asked the servant guarding the door, "Is grandpa inside?"

"Yes." When the servant saw Leonardo, his face had a hint of joy. He gently pushed the door open and said carefully, "Mr. Charlie, Mr. Emerson is back."

The servant only opened the door slightly, and it was just enough for him to stand there. Summer could not see inside. She could only hear a slightly aged voice. "Let them in."

The servant turned around and nodded slightly at Leonardo.

Leonardo tightened his grip on Summer's hand and said, "Let's get in."

Summer was brought into the room by Leonardo.

The room was well heated. There was a faint fragrance of ink and tea. The furnishings were simple. There was a row of bookshelves, a desk, and some tea sets.

Charlie was dressed in a traditional Chinese suit. He was holding calligraphy brush. He stood in front of the desk and wrote calligraphy. Although he was over seventy years old, he was vigorous and stood upright. His entire body emitted a calm aura.

Leonardo called him, "Grandpa."

Charlie raised his head and met Summer's eyes for she had been staring at him. He did not say a word, but Summer felt great pressure.

Summer lowered her eyes slightly, and Leonardo silently pulled Summer behind him.

Charlie saw Leonardo's protective posture, and snorted, "Who is this little girl?"

Leonardo raised his eyebrows. "The person you want to see."

His tone could be said to be a little provocative, causing Charlie to glare at him. Charlie put the calligraphy brush down.copy right hot novel pub