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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 175: You Are Better than Them

Old house?

Summer turned around to look at Leonardo and found that his expression had become extremely gloomy.

Summer discovered that anything related to the Emersons made Leonardo unhappy.

He seemed to dislike the Emersons in particular.

She reached out and held Leonardo's hand. Almost immediately, Leonardo held her hand, too.

Immediately after, Leonardo said indifferently, "I see."

Summer could tell that Leonardo did not want to return to the Emersons' old house.

She did not know much about the Emersons. She only knew that the Emersons was a large clan. She had heard from Douglas before that the Emersons had a large population and he had many cousins. But only Douglas and his brother had a good relationship with Leonardo.

Leonardo's identity was revealed now. It was normal for the Emersons to let Leonardo go back after such a big incident.

When they returned to their rooms, Summer asked him, "Do you want to go back tomorrow?"

Leonardo raised his head and saw the cautious expression on Summer's face. He curled his lips and his smile was not very obvious, but his entire body was clearly softened.

He held Summer in his embrace and said with a rare hint of teasing, "Of course I have to go back. I have to show him his granddaughter-in-law."

Summer raised her head to look at him, "Who is he?"

Leonardo smiled at her, "My grandfather."

The rulers of the Emersons were all legendary figures, not to mention Charlie, who had maintained the prosperity of the clan for decades.

Summer was a little nervous.


The next day.

Summer got up early to pick out clothes in the cloakroom.

This color was too plain, and that style was not dignified enough ...

Summer was a little discouraged for she didn't know what to wear.

Suddenly, she noticed a slight movement behind her. She suddenly turned her head and saw that Leonardo was here. He was leaning against the wall and looking at her with a smile in his eyes.

Such a smiling gaze was simply fascinating to Summer!

She noticed that Leonardo loved to smile these days, and he always looked at her and smiled as if he was out of his mind.

Summer threw the clothes in her hand away, curled her lips and said, "Help me choose what to wear today."

If people from the Emersons found fault with her, such as that her clothes were not dignified, or her shoes were not good-looking, she could say they were chosen by Leonardo.


Leonardo walked over without the slightest hesitation.copy right hot novel pub