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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 174: Leave It to Me

Summer knew that Vicky would not give up so easily. She hadn't answered Vicky's phone all for a whole day. Vicky was probably about to explode.

"I have something to do. Good bye."

Leonardo also heard Vicky's voice and asked her in a deep voice, "Where are you??"

Summer did not say anything else and hung up the phone directly.

Vicky had originally come to her because of Leonardo, so she didn't want Vicky to take advantage of Leonardo.

Well, even if Vicky looked at Leonardo, she felt that Vicky had taken advantage of him.

Vicky looked at Summer and her eyes seemed to firing. "Summer! I've been looking for you all day, but you haven't answered my phone. You still have the mood to hide here and eat!"

Interesting. Did she need to hide to eat?

"Why don't I have the mood to eat? Besides, I'm not hiding. I just don't want to talk to you." Summer glanced at Vicky with an indifferent expression, completely ignoring her.

If it weren't in public, Vicky really wanted to jump up and tear Summer's face apart.

Vicky gritted her teeth and said, "You knew that Douglas was Leonardo, didn't you? But you didn't say anything and kept us all in the dark! You are really crafty!"

The person who had originally forced her to marry Leonardo at the first place now said she was sinister!

Without waiting for Summer to speak, Jessica reached out, slapped her hand on the dining table and stood up. "Vicky, are you serious? Back then, you disliked Leonardo and forced Summer to marry him instead. Now that you know that Leonardo is not disabled and is handsome, you regret it and come here to look for trouble for Summer. Are you shameless?"

Vicky knew Jessica.

When she bullied Summer in the past, she had met Jessica and knew that she was Summer's friend.

Jessica was also the apple of her family's eyes. She had an aura of a girl of the wealthy family. At this moment, she looked coldly at Vicky. In addition to the loud sound making by her just now, Vicky was somewhat terrified.

Vicky raised her voice, making herself sounded more reasonable. "This is our business, it has nothing to do with you!"

Jessica raised her eyebrows and said with a scornful expression, "I just want to say something, so it is also none of your business"

"You ...." Vicky didn't know what to say for a moment.

Summer had already called the manager of the restaurant over. "Please take this woman out. Her presence here has affected my mood for dinner.copy right hot novel pub