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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 168: Smart People Don't Do Stupid Things

The driver poked his head out of the window and shouted to Laura in the dialect, "Miss, you haven't paid yet! And the ticket!"

"I know!" Laura impatiently turned around. She took out a few bills from her bag and threw them into the car.

The driver said discontentedly, "Miss, you said that you will give me a hundred thousand if I can catch up to that car!"

Laura sneered, "Why don't you go steal some?"

"You don't want to keep your word, do you?" The driver opened the door and got out of the car. This beefy man looked a little scary with a fierce face.

There weren't many people here. Even though Laura was arrogant, she was a little afraid.

However, she didn't give the driver 100,000 yuan after all. She just gave him all the cash she had.

Although Laura felt a little aggrieved about it, she couldn't help but feel excited when she thought that she would be able to hook up with the young master of the Emerson Group.


When Summer returned home, Ava walked out to greet her.

"Mrs. Emerson, you're back." Ava smiled and narrowed her eyes slightly, looking gentle and loving.

Summer liked her very much. She smiled at Ava and said, "Yeah. But I have to go on a business trip tomorrow. I'll go upstairs and pack my things now."

"Hurry up and go. When Mr. Emerson gets home, we can have dinner."


Summer returned to her room and pulled out her suitcase. Only then did she realize that she did not know how long she was going on this business trip.

Probably only for one week.

As Summer thought about this, she got up and went to the cloakroom to get her clothes.

It would be just a week. An extra coat and a suit of clothes would be enough.

She put the clothes on the bed and bent over to fold them. Then she heard the door open.

Summer turned around and saw Leonardo standing at the door.

She smiled at him. "You're back."

Leonardo walked to her. He pulled her hand and placed it at the collar of his shirt, signaling her to loosen his tie.

Leonardo didn't seem to be afraid of the cold.copy right hot novel pub