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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 166: He Would Be Turned Off


Summer held a spoon in her mouth and looked at him with a confused expression.

What did he mean?

However, Leonardo did not want to explain it to her, "I only say it once. Don't think too much in the future."

"What do you mean?" Summer took out the spoon from her mouth and asked him in a daze.

"I told you, only once." Leonardo seemed serious, but he was unnaturally avoiding her eyes.

Before Summer had the chance to speak, he stood up and said, "I still have things to do. You can continue eating."

Summer finally realized what he meant as she watched him leaving the dining room.

How could she keep eating? She dropped the spoon and ran after him.

She caught up with Leonardo and stopped him, "Explain what you just said."

"I made it very clear." Leonardo still looked emotionless.

Summer did not move. She looked up and asked him, "Who’s like me?"

Leonardo looked away and stayed quiet.

Summer's heart was filled with joy. She knew that he meant Rachel was similar to her, but she was afraid that she had heard it wrong and wanted to confirm it.

However, Leonardo would stand to his words. He said that he would only say it once, so it was impossible to hear it from him again.

Summer grabbed his hand and pursed her lips in embarrassment.

She had seen a video of girls acting cutesy in TV dramas. What did they do?

Summer tried to shake his hand and whispered, "Please say it again...."

Leonardo frowned and pulled back his hand, "I still have things to do."

"...." Why was his reaction different from the men in the video?


Summer was a little discouraged. But she took a deep breath and smiled again in the next moment. Then she ran to the dining room in her slippers.

Leonardo went up to the second floor and placed one hand on the guardrail. Seeing Summer running into the dining room happily, a smile appeared on his face.


Only when Summer returned to the restaurant and sat down did she realize that what Leonardo said was “she’s like you.”

What did “she’s like you” mean?

Rachel looked like her?

But how could that be?

Besides, didn't Leonardo know Rachel before he knew her?

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