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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 162: Teach You a Lesson

After the meeting, Carl followed Leonardo to the president's office.

Carl placed the documents on the desk and left without saying anything.


Leonardo suddenly stopped him.

Carl looked up at him with a puzzled expression, "Is there anything else?"

"Go back and rest." Leonardo knew that Carl had been working overtime in the company for several days.

Carl directly rejected him, "No. I like working."

Warren just happened to push the door open. He came in and heard what Carl said.

Even a serious man like Warren was surprised. Since when did Carl like to work? Was Carl crazy?

"I’ll go back to my office." Carl turned to look at Warren and patted his shoulder as a greeting.

Warren looked at Carl until Carl disappeared from the door. Then Warren asked Leonardo, "What happened to him?"


Leonardo looked down at the documents on the desk. He replied casually. No one knew whether he was talking about Carl or himself.

Leonardo was in a bad mood these days.

Was Summer determined to continue arguing with him?

Warren noticed that although was looking at the documents, he was not really paying attention to them and was thinking about something else.

Warren was confused. He had just returned from a business trip. Why did both of them become so strange?

He sat down beside Leonardo's desk. "It's weekend. Don’t work. Let's go out and drink."


After sending Adams and Douglas off, Summer received a phone call from Jessica.

"Did you remember the director I’ve mentioned before? The director wants to meet you. I happen to be free today. Let's have afternoon tea together."

Summer immediately replied, "OK."

The director was at the Golden Cauldron Club, so the place for afternoon tea was set at the Golden Cauldron Club.

Leonardo had become a workaholic. He worked overtime crazily every day, so Summer shouldn't meet him in the Golden Cauldron Club.

Summer felt relieved thinking of this.copy right hot novel pub