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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 160: She Has Her Own Pride

Jessica didn’t know what to say for a moment. Summer patted her arm and said, "Carl really cares about you. I don't know what happened between you, but if you also love him, you could give it a try."

On Jessica’s face was a rare sadness. "I know that, but it's over between us."

Summer was a little astonished. Jessica had never been so sad in front of Summer.

When they walked outside, they shivered because of the cold night wind.

Carl came out first. He was standing outside the car and waiting for Jessica.

As soon as he saw Jessica, he opened the car door and said with a smile, "Jessica, it's cold. Get in the car."

Summer turned to look at Jessica and found that Jessica was getting strange.

Summer was somewhat uneasy. She pulled Jessica's hand and whispered to her, "Jessica."

Jessica stared at Carl and walked towards him.

"Why are you as slow as when you were a child? Hurry up and get in the car. Otherwise, you...," Carl urged her to get in the car.

Jessica suddenly interrupted him, "Carl! It's enough! I’ll make this clear for you today. It's over between us. We can’t start over. No matter what you do, the result will be the same!"

Carl froze as if someone pressed the pause button of a phone that was connecting. He maintained the action of pulling Jessica's hand motionlessly.

His hand was less than three centimeters away from Jessica's.

"Jessica, can you be reasonable? Even if you want to sentence me to death, you have to tell me the reason. Please tell me why."

At first, Carl was calm, but later he almost shouted, "Don't tell me you like others and don't like me. I've known you for twenty-four years! You can't lie to me!"

Jessica replied him in three simple words and Carl collapsed.

"I hate you."

Her tone was soft, but Carl, who was tall and strong, was shocked.

They knew each other since they were children. That means they had a thorough understanding of each other.

Carl was trying desperately to find traces to prove that Jessica was lying.

However, no matter how he searched, he couldn't find any traces.

Before he could ask the reason, Jessica turned around and strode to the road.copy right hot novel pub