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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 16 Master is Waiting for You in the Study

What shocked Summer was that the person in charge of such a rich and powerful family was so kind.

She was stunned for a moment, and then said, "I’m, I’m Summer Jarrett."

That time, she didn’t pretend to be stunned, but she was really startled by Michael Emerson.

"Now, you are my daughter-in-law and a member of the Emerson family, so just make yourself at home." As he spoke, he picked up the kettle next to him and poured her a glass of water.

In her own home, Lynn Jarrett ignored her, and Karen's attention was also focused on Vicky and her brother.

She had never been treated so gently by her elders, so she was a little surprised and delighted now.

Summer took the glass, "Thank you."

"You can call me dad just like Leonardo." Michael said while looking at her quietly.

Her appearance was not very beautiful, and her reaction was also slow. Restrained but polite, she was a simple and kind girl.

"…Dad." Summer called him hesitantly.

Michael gave her a smile and said apologetically, "I’m really sorry that we didn’t give you a wedding. Actually, you’re supposed to go back to the old house for dinner with Leonardo today. But, because of his mother, Leonardo didn’t want to go back there. Please persuade and help him more in the future."

The Emerson family was a large family that had been passed down for hundreds of years, following the tradition of three generations living together.

It was said that their old house was priceless. Someone once offered a hundred billion dollars to buy the house, but in the end, that person became a joke in the upper class.

As for Leonardo’s mother, Summer also knew a little.

In the kidnapping more than ten years ago, the kidnappers kidnapped Leonardo and his mother.

But in the end, only Leonardo was rescued.

As for his mother, there were a lot of rumors.

Some said she was dead, some said she was not dead, and some said she was defiled by the kidnappers.copy right hot novel pub