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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 157: Because I Look Like Rachel

Douglas raised his head and carefully looked at Summer's face.

Seeing that Summer's expression was the same as usual, she continued, "Rachel is a photographer. Once, she went to take pictures of the snow and encountered an avalanche. The rescue team never found her..."

After saying that, Douglas's voice softened.

Summer was stunned for a moment, not knowing what to say for a moment.

"When did that happen?" Summer raised her head and asked him.

"Five years ago," Douglas said.

"Your brother and her..."

Douglas pursed her lips and looked a little sad with the corners of his eyes hanging down, "She is my brother's fiancée."

Summer opened her mouth and was momentarily dumbfounded.

She looked at the message from Adams and replied, "Alright, I'll talk to Leonardo."

If she encountered an avalanche and the rescue team did not find her, she was most likely to lose her life. Because she was buried in the snow.

Summer felt oppressed. The previous emotions were all gone.

A long time ago, Summer had faintly sensed that Leonardo seemed to dislike the contact between her and Adams.

Maybe this was the reason.

Summer asked Douglas, "Do I really look like her?"

Seeing that Summer's expression was normal, Douglas said truthfully, "I think so."

Summer became silent.


Before lunch, Leonardo came back.

Lunch was prepared by the bodyguards. Summer was now an injured person, so it was naturally impossible for her to cook.

Leonardo did not eat much before putting down his chopsticks. Summer did not eat much either, only Douglas had a good appetite.

Douglas went out after finishing his meal quickly.copy right hot novel pub