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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 155: Not Girlfriend, but Wife

Now no one would like that kind of tyrannical and unreasonable boss. Girls liked calm and reserved self-restraint men!

Jessica walked to the corner and looked at Leonardo and Summer.

After a few seconds, she realized that this was her home!

This was her home, why would she sneak around like a thief!

Thinking of this, she cleared her throat and walked over.

Leonardo stood in front of Summer and called out her name.


Summer was just slightly drunk. Hearing this familiar voice, she was shocked and became sober instantly.

Leonardo stood tall in front of her, his handsome face looking gloomy against the light.

Summer casually grabbed a pillow and hugged it in her arms. Only then did she feel a little bit more secure.

"What are you doing here?" Summer tilted her head and asked him carelessly.

"I'll take you to the doctor."

As Leonardo spoke, his gaze fell on her swollen ankle.

Summer followed his sight and looked down. She had just chatted with Jessica and drunk, without noticing that her ankle was swollen to a terrifying degree.

"I can walk. I will go and see a doctor myself." Summer said impatiently, "You are a man. It is improper to the home of an unmarried girl in the middle of the night. Besides, Jessica is a celebrity!"

Leonardo replied softly, "Yeah."

His gentleness made Summer feel a little strange.

In the next moment, Leonardo suddenly bent over and hugged her.

"You're right. We'll leave immediately." As Leonardo spoke, he carried her towards the door.

As he passed by Jessica, Leonardo politely said, "Excuse me."

Jessica nodded blankly, "No, it’s okay..."

"I'm not going back! I'm going to see a doctor myself! Put me down!"

Summer could not pretend that nothing had happened and just follow Leonardo back like this.

Leonardo completely ignored her words and had no intention of putting her down.

Jessica walked to the door and watched as Summer struggled all the way to curse Leonardo. However, Leonardo steadily carried her into the elevator.

Jessica leaned on the door frame and muttered, "A domineering boss also doesn’t seem bad at all."


In the car.

Leonardo put Summer in the passenger seat and buckled her seat belt before going around to the other side to drive.

Summer heard the sound of a safety lock.copy right hot novel pub