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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 153: Who Is Rachel

Summer's feet hurt so bad that she limped as she walked.

She could feel the sharp gaze behind her. She bit her lip and walked into the elevator without stopping.

When Summer pressed the door closing button, she did not see Leonardo chasing after her.

She felt a bit sad, and her face turned a little pale.

The elevator slowly went down, and Summer felt her heart also descend.


Getting out of the elevator, Summer saw Douglas.

When Douglas saw Summer walk out with red eyes and bare feet, he was puzzled. He walked over to support her and whispered, "Summer?"

"Why are you here?" Summer's feet really hurt. That sprained foot could not touch the ground at all and she could only rely on Douglas who supported her.

Douglas snuck a glance at her and then stammered, "My brother ... he... he didn't mean to..."

“I know." Summer didn’t seem to care that much.

Now, whether Adams did it on purpose or not was no longer important to her.

What was important was Leonardo's attitude.

He was the one who asked her to come to the dinner party, and he was also the one who suddenly ran over and got angry.

Even if Adams shook her hand, let alone whether he did it intentionally or unintentionally, could this be the reason for Leonardo to get angry and ignore her feelings?

Douglas sensed that Summer was in a bad mood now. He did not speak anymore and only carefully supported her.

When Leonardo came, Douglas was the first who noticed. Then he saw Leonardo pulling Summer out. The two of them seemed to have quarreled, and Summer entered the elevator.

After Summer entered the elevator, Leonardo was still standing there. Seeing this, Douglas was so anxious, but he also didn’t dare to bother Leonardo, so he went back to the elevator on the other side and waited for Summer.

Just as Douglas was thinking about this, he suddenly heard Summer beside him ask him in a faint voice, "Who is Rachel?"

"Who are you talking about?" Douglas abruptly turned his head, a trace of shock flashing through his eyes.

Summer let go of his hand, looked at Douglas and repeated, "Rachel.copy right hot novel pub