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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 152: The Waiter Was More Considerate Than Him

After the two women saw Summer, they became panicked. Then, they pretended to be calm and called her, "Mrs. Emerson."

"What are you chatting about? Can I join you?"

Summer sat directly between the two women. She raised her head and sat straight, putting her hands on the skirt. Her two straight legs crossed together, and she put on a standard beautiful and graceful sitting posture.

She took etiquette lessons when she was in college, otherwise she would have been timid to come to such a dinner party.

The two women had awkward expressions, knowing that Summer had heard their conversation just now.

Anyone who is not shameless would feel embarrassed when he or she is found to be talking about others behind their backs.

"Mrs. Emerson, of course you can. We are so honored that you are willing to chat with us." One of them flattered her hurriedly.

Another woman replied immediately, "Yes, Mrs. Emerson, you have such good skin. What's your secret?"

Summer's had fair skin, and the woman was a little envious.

"Secret?" Summer turned to look at her. Her beautiful eyes widened slightly, revealing a very surprised expression. "I never take care of my skin. I was born with it."

After Summer finished speaking, she glanced at the woman's face and then got closer curiously to see her. "You have such a beautiful chin, are you born with it?"

"Of course," the woman said proudly.

"Oh? Then it is okay if I poke it, right?" Summer revealed an eager expression.

In Hoover Film Academy, there were many beautiful girls. Those who had plastic surgery could be seen at a glance.

When the woman heard this, her expression changed slightly, "Well ... my chin ... doesn't feel well. Mrs. Emerson, please be gentle ...."

Summer smiled. "Alright."

Her smile made the woman shiver.copy right hot novel pub